In the second phase of the project, we will build a community library. The children are learning English but don't have any books to practice reading with, which makes it much more difficult to learn. We have received many generous donations of books and other learning materials from Americans, particularly in upstate New York. We look forward to filling the library with these materials and creating a vibrant community space for learning.

Primary School 

We are currently building two classrooms in the first phase of the project. We purchased a brick-making machine and volunteers have begun to make the mud bricks for the walls. Currently the children in the village don't have a school building let alone a stable roof so when it rains they don't go to school. Your donations will help to purchase the aluminum roof which will ensure that school can continue during the rainy season.

* Our Programs *

Program Development

In addition to investing in vital infrastructure, we are also developing the curriculum for students and adult learners. We are recruiting experts to develop training materials for:

  • General education (literacy, English, math, basic science, etc.)
  • Agricultural training (resource management, pest control, aqua-culture, etc.)

If you are a teacher or are experienced in these fields and would like to help, please let us know!

Office & Guest House 

As part of phase one, we are also building an office and guesthouse for up to five teachers and volunteers. We know that providing adequate housing is crucial to retaining good teachers in this isolated, rural area. The guesthouses will help to attract foreign volunteers who can teach villagers about subjects that they are passionate about.

Staying true to our roots

This is a grass-roots project with grass-roots impact. We are committed to using local materials whenever possible and to minimizing our environmental impact. It's a lot of hard work and without the help of the hired locals and volunteers it would not be possible. Many villagers are donating their labor because they value this project and want their children to benefit from these community resources. The village carpenter is proud to be making the tables and chairs for the school which is also giving business back to the local people. It all comes full circle.

Infrastructure Projects

We are in the early stages of realizing our mission. We are fundraising to complete a series of much needed infrastructure projects.