The volunteer teacher in Aklorbortornu.

Join us to make the Dream of Education come true!

Education for adults

The majority of the adults in Aklorbortornu are illiterate farmers and fishermen. In addition to providing them with literacy skills, we could also improve their use of natural resources and stewardship of the land. With the right training and resources, they could improve crop yields in ways that could dramatically improve environmental sustainability and their overall physical and financial health.

Walking to a "nearby" broken School

If children want to attend school in Aklorbortornu today, they have no choice but to walk several miles to the closest village. This “nearby” school is falling down and lacks qualified teachers in addition to basic materials like pens and paper. Children from Aklorbortornu often carry their own chairs and desks on their backs on this long journey. Otherwise, they have to sit on the dirt floor.


Teachers are as unreliable as the government that pays their salaries. Sometimes they show up, and sometimes they don’t. The best teachers stay in the capital Accra where schools generally have four walls and a roof.
Who would want to make this journey on foot to a broken school? Many families choose instead to have their children work on the family farm where at least they can be helpful. This has tragically resulted, however, in many children giving up on education all together.

 * Aklorbortornu *

Aklorbortornu is a rural village of 300 farmers and fishermen in Ghana’s Volta region. Currently there is no electricity or running water. Other then the light of the sun, lanterns are used and water is fetched at the closest water source. Our goal is to give them the tools to break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty that has affected their community for generations.  Education is the best investment that we can make to break Aklorbortornu's cycle of poverty. A better future is possible for this community!