Augustine Yao Foli

Yao Foli founded Ndor Eco Village in 2008 as a sophomore at Cazenovia College in upstate New York. Yao is a testament to the power of education. He grew up in the town of Hohoe in the Volta region, the son of farmer and one of five kids. Yao’s leadership in the environmental movement in the Volta region resulted in his full scholarship to Cazenovia College where he has developed the reading, writing, and critical thinking to fulfill his lifelong dream to create Ndor Eco Village in the Volta region.

Yao graduated from Cazenovia College in 2013 with a Bachelor degree in International Studies. He currently lives in Ithaca, New York and hopes to enter a graduate program in environmental or agricultural sciences at Cornell University.

With a heart of gold and the dedication and pride of being a Ghanaian, Yao has made his vision a reality and is giving back to the people that he loves.

 We are a growing organization so please tell your friends and family about Ndor Eco Village!

* Bringing a vision to reality! *

President of the Fund

Get a glimpse of the life in the Ghana Region. Take a look into our past trips to Ghana. Our Portfolio has pictures from the trips in 2009, and 2013.

Animal Husbandry

Currently the animals are at the home base with Yao's family, once a pen is built we will move them to the land. We currently have 5 sheep and 10 goats, more animals to come!